Mortgage Accounting: What You Should Know

mortgage bankingIf you are working on a mortgage investments, chances are you have been overwhelmed by not only the regulations preceding the way an investment should work, but also by the process by which investments are usually carried out. This may make it difficult in making decisions about the investment and how to carry out loans or how to borrow money in a process that is right for you. Here is where a mortgage accountant can benefit you entirely. A good mortgage accountant will have an intense array of knowledge about all the regulations and general procedures on a mortgage investment, and in this way, they can be of great help to you as they give you guidelines and recommendations on how to conduct your business. Whether it’s for a residential property or a commercial one, a mortgage accountant can be of great use and they can try to work out the best possible solution for you.

Whether you are the one approving a loan or you are the one taking the loan, mortgage banking is a complex world that has many twists and turns in their general procedures, and it can be daunting to try to work it all out. Without sounding repetitive, hiring a mortgage accountant is usually the easiest way to take good responsibility and care over your money. Think about this scenario if you don’t seek advice from one: Do you know anything about mortgage servicing rights? How about interest rate lock commitments? Forward mortgage sales commitments? If these all seem like foreign terms for you, then it’s a good bet that you may want to at least counsel with one by going to a reputable CPA firm (short for certified public accountant).


This essay will make an attempt in spelling out a couple of those ideas, but it’s likely you may need some questions answered even after all this. We’ll first go over the interest rate lock commitments. Essentially, the lender will approve of a loan at a fixed rate of the interest, and it does not matter if the market is fluctuating, either up or down. The borrower will have to be approved for such an agreement, and the agreement will go on as promised based on the contract (the mortgage accounting auditor will make sure that is so). A floating rate agreement can be placed instead if both lender and borrower agree to the terms. What this means is that the interest rate will fluctuate depending on how the market is doing. It can eventually go into a fixed position. When and how is determined by the lender and borrower in agreement, when both are ready and able to commit to such a thing. These new agreements will of course be added to the current agreement and an auditor will ensure that these agreements will be upheld.

Let’s continue on to talk about forward mortgage sales commitments. These are a little bit tricky, and a mortgage accountant is usually the one who determines whether or not this kind of agreement is even necessary, depending on each individual case and circumstance. This kind of agreement usually benefits the lender as it helps them avoid the risk of the previous kind of agreement (the interest rate lock commitment). If the lender decides the commitment to have a mandatory basis, then the loan is carried out and delivered with the promise that it will be paired off later on. There is another way to sign on to an agreement such as this: there is the best efforts agreement, which means that the loan is delivered only if and when it closes. These kinds of agreements are usually reported as an asset and liability to the mortgage accountant. The mortgage accountant as well will be present during the exchange in money at the investment bank. Hiring a reputable mortgage accountant is normally the way you will want to go when making such tough decisions such as these, and he or she will utilize the right method for you based on your individual economic environment.

The SEC has regulations in order to protect the lenders, and these are all sent to audits for evaluations on how the loan is processing, on whether or not is complying to the regulations, and whether there will be any tax issues that may hinder the process or get anyone in trouble. After all, these kind of activities can seriously impact the financial statements of the lender, so hopefully this highlights the importance on how these agreements must be carried out in a smooth manner. Recommendations are usually carried out by a good and respectable CPA firm. The general gist of all this advice? Reach out to someone who knows how to handle the mortgage market.

Web Design And The New Information Age

In the new information age, there are many important facts to understand about where we’ve been and where we’re going. We don’t necessarily know where the road that we’re on is going to take us, but the new frontier that we are venturing into is full of uncertainty and it requires that we be daring and courageous in the process. We do know where we’ve been, and we need to remain cognizant of the things that we already know and not allow those things to be lost as we forge forward into the future. We’ve already learned some of the errors of our ways when it comes to the relatively new world of web design and since we have, informational company websites have become a lot more uniform and look very similar to one another.

The advertising and marketing fields, over the years, have spent a lot of time, effort and money doing everything that can to understand how the American consumer thinks so they can effectively capture their attention and make an impression. The impression that they want to make is obviously a positive one, however, they’ve found that it being memorable is at least equally as important. They’ve also done a lot of work in the psychology field to better understand the most effective ways to impact the human psyche because the subconscious is a lot more important in terms of selling stuff than the cognitive, critical thinking part of it. Things change and they are changing even as we speak, but there are things that we already knew that got lost temporarily in the excitement and anticipation involved with the emergence of the internet.

Tried and true design principles apply to web pages just like they apply to billboards and magazine ads. You’ve only got five seconds to make an impression on your viewer and if you can’t delve into their subconscious and make a positive impression that they’ll remember, then you’ve failed. When the internet began to take shape years ago as website designers took what they knew and applied it in their respective field, but many of them forgot about the simplicity that should be involved with any kind of advertisement. Many of them lost sight of what they were doing just because it involved writing code, internet protocols and a computer screen, but it still had and has everything to do with the human mind and psyche. Today, responsive websites are designed using the principles that advertising and marketing experts learned about and applied decades ago, they’re just doing it now using a different advertising medium with a slightly different approach.

Human beings have been toiling and struggling to establish a certain amount of certainty and security in their lives for thousands of years so anything that resembles a disorganized, chaotic mess is something that most inherently want to avoid. This is an important reality that is important for a web designer to understand when building a website for their clients. That means that it needs to be simple, easy to read, find information on and also contain muted colors that are easy on the eyes. It’s a little bit different from a billboard in terms of the way that colors are used, because when people are literally driving by on the highway and only have a small window of time to see the billboard advertisement, getting their attention in terms of the color scheme is of the utmost importance. On a website though, the visitor chooses your site from a list of other websites that come up on the same search page based mainly on their rank or how close to the top of the list that they appear. The website viewer does not make the decision to view the site based on any of it’s design merits because at that point, they haven’t even seen it yet.

When the website viewer does find a website based off of a keyword search that they input into a search engine like Google or Bing, the list and order of the results that come matter the most. Web design isn’t only about building an effective website that potential customers can view and be aesthetically pleased by, it’s also about getting people to the website by being able to get it as far up the list as it can possibly be. For the same reasons that companies used to believe that it was important to choose a name that starts with the letter ‘A’, so alphabetically they came up first on the phonebook pages, it’s important for any company to work with a proficient web designer who knows how to get you as close to the top of that list as possible. There are certain things we should never forget, and although things change, the basics are always the last to.

5 Essential Tips for Developing a Great Website Design

The global market now runs on the Internet, and having an effective, easy-to-use web design is necessary in order to get your brand noticed. Consumers rely on the Internet to look for services and products, and with so many websites out there, it’s really crucial that your website is inviting and comfortable to use. The main lesson to take from here: comfort comes with ease. Ease of use is the basis that defines whether a viewer will continue to stay on your website or not. Here are five vital tips to improve your website layout.

1. Shape up and ship out:  If your website is cluttered, it makes it hard for consumers to see  necessary links and informative pages. Navigation should be effortless and intuitive. A good web design is neat and clean, with easy access to pages provided by well-placed and organized links. The more organized your website is, the better for the viewer to be able to find exactly what they’re looking for. This makes for a satisfied viewer. Search engines will also be able to catalog your pages so they are easier to find, which makes for more potential satisfied viewers. It will also be better looking and more professional to have a clean web layout and homepage.

2. Contrast, contrast, contrast: Everything in your website should be easy to read. While glancing at the color wheel will be helpful, don’t misuse it. Not all complimentary colors are meant to be placed together in your website. Blue text on an orange background is not great for the eyes – and it’s irksome. Black text on any dark background will not be easy to read. But black text on a white or yellow background is good. White text on any very dark background can be good. Creating contrast for your website design helps with navigation and readership. If a consumer can take a nanosecond to recognize the logo from the background and any click-able links from the text and the background, then you have a usable website. The key is ease and neatness.

web design

3. Employ Ease to Your Text: Once again, a good web design should be easy to read. “Mesquite Std” or any font style that looks like it belongs on a diploma or on a cake is not easy to read. There are many font styles to choose from that can represent the personality of your brand, but it is necessary to make it reader friendly. Texts with serifs, the small line that stretches out from the end of a stroke, make your words easy to read. Georgia is a great font to choose from. If you are looking for something sans-serif, Helvetica is a particularly popular font style to use.

4. Develop Your Image: The face of your business is your logo. It’s what makes you easily recognizable. A good logo goes a long way when it comes to consumers remembering your services, developing trust among the community and gaining reverence from new viewers. If you have to look good when going for an interview, then definitely consider how important it is to make your logo look good, since every new viewer opening your website will be taking their own mental evaluation process as they look at your website. Once the trust is developed for your brand, your logo – essentially, your face – becomes recognizable and renowned among the community. It will be your logo that consumers will refer to.

5. Responsive Design for the New Age: As technology advances, consumers have the means to access websites through their phones and tablets. A responsive web design is one that recognizes what tools a consumer is using to access the website and responds accordingly with a layout that is appropriate. It helps viewers who are accessing your website through a device that is not a desktop navigate it easier (see how ease of use is so important here?). Not applying a responsive web design to your brand may end up hurting your business as it may drive viewers away, so don’t forget to work towards this important step, as it will help your business. It will secure your brand in an environment that can thrive in a future where technology will only continue to advance.

Making your website easy is the entire point of developing an online presence that viewers can engage and remember. No consumer wants to put more effort in being able to work with a business, so developing a great, user-friendly environment online is an aspect that absolutely needs attention and care.